Adding Supersoil to your Slurry brings multiple benefits. Just 1kg of Supersoil is sufficient to treat up to 50,000 gallons of slurry.

To apply, you simply mix the 1kg of Supersoil with water in a bucket and pour it into the tank when it is nearly empty. The advantage of adding it to a nearly empty tank is that it allows the Supersoil to establish and grow within the tank as the slurry is being added, ensuring an even distribution throughout.

Incorporating Supersoil into your slurry does more than just enhance its nutrient content. Test results have shown that adding Supersoil can increase your nitrogen (N) content by 27%, phosphorus (P) by 36%, and potassium (K) by 79%. This means you're getting more value from every gallon of slurry, with significantly increased nutrient levels.

Additionally, one of the practical benefits of adding Supersoil to your slurry is that it makes the slurry easier to agitate. This is because the Supersoil helps to break down and homogenise the solid components of the slurry, creating a more uniform mixture that's easier to stir and spread. This not only makes handling and applying the slurry more straightforward but can also lead to more consistent and effective distribution of nutrients when applied to the land. Ultimately, by using Supersoil, you're enhancing the efficiency and value of your slurry, making it a more potent and manageable resource for your agricultural needs.

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Independent Scientific Testing

Supersoil is scientifically tested and proven to work. It is simple to use, economical, and highly effective. We'll let the numbers do the talking:

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More Beneficial Bacteria
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More Beneficial Fungi
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More Beneficial Protists

Why choose Supersoil?

How do I add Supersoil to my slurry?

To add Supersoil to your slurry effectively, follow these steps to ensure proper mixing and maximum benefit: 1kg of Supersoil is enough to treat up to 50,000 gallons of slurry.

Prepare a Mixture: Take 1KG of  Supersoil and mix it with water in a large bucket. Ensure it's thoroughly mixed and dissolved. 

Add to the Slurry Tank: When your slurry tank is nearly empty, pour the Supersoil mixture into it. Adding it to a nearly empty tank is crucial because it allows the Supersoil to distribute more evenly as the tank fills up again.

Allow Time for Activation: Please ensure that the Supersoil is given at least 90 days to act within the tank. This duration is crucial as it allows the microbes present in the Supersoil sufficient time to become active, breaking down organic matter and enriching the slurry's nutrient content. Additionally, this period facilitates complete penetration and integration of the Supersoil throughout the slurry, ensuring that its benefits are fully realised.

Apply Your Enhanced Slurry: Use the slurry as you normally would. With the added benefits of Supersoil, it should be easier to spread, and your land will benefit from the increased nutrients and improved soil health.

By following these steps, you'll enhance the quality and effectiveness of your slurry, making it a more valuable resource for your agricultural needs.

Can I use Supersoil in conjunction with cattle slurry for agricultural purposes?

Yes, Supersoil can be effectively used alongside cattle slurry to enhance soil fertility and promote healthy plant growth. The combination of Supersoil's organic matter and nutrients with the nutrient-rich content of cattle slurry can provide a well-rounded approach to soil enrichment, leading to improved yields and soil health.

What benefits can I expect from combining Supersoil with cattle slurry?

Combining Supersoil with cattle slurry can lead to a synergistic effect. The organic matter and microorganisms in Supersoil enhance soil structure, while the nutrients in the slurry contribute to plant nutrition. This can result in increased microbial activity, improved nutrient availability, and better overall soil fertility, leading to healthier and more productive crops.

Are there any precautions I should take when using Supersoil and cattle slurry together?

While using Supersoil and cattle slurry together can be beneficial, it's important to avoid over-application of either component. Conduct soil tests to assess nutrient levels and avoid excessive nutrient loading, which could lead to imbalances or environmental issues. Additionally, ensure proper mixing or incorporation of both substances to achieve uniform distribution and maximise their combined benefits. Always follow local regulations and best practices for responsible agricultural management.

Ending Chemical Corruption

100% Organic Certified

Supersoil is certified by the Irish Organic Association ( Ref: 8147 ) as a 100% organic and natural product. It is acceptable for use under EU organic systems and is also suitable for global export.

Supersoil's elite microbes are not genetically modified in any way while the growth booster is a 100% natural product that’s the equivalent of 20 tons of organic compost.

As Supersoil contains no animal by-products it is suitable for vegan farming and growing systems. Supersoil can also be used by non-organic farmers to dramatically reduce their use of chemical fertilisers.