Adding Supersoil to your compost solutions is the perfect way to enhance soil fertility and promote sustainable agricultural practices. Through innovative composting techniques, we transform organic waste into nutrient-rich soil amendments that nourish plant growth.

Why Supersoil?

Supersoil contains an abundance of healthy soil microbes which break down the organic matter transforming and transporting the essential nutrients to the plants. This nutrient cycle improves the soil structure and fertility.

The Supersoil Difference

Works to restore a balanced soil ecosystem

Supersoil supports plant growth by first restoring the soil microbiome

Supersoil heals the soil so everything within it flourishes

  • Certified 100% Organic

  • Scientifically Tested & Proven

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Too good to be true?

  • Healthy Soil

    By restoring your soil to full health you break the addiction to chemical fertilisers and save yourself a fortune.

  • Healthy Grass

    Grass grown with Supersoil contains more nutrients and trace elements, resulting in a substantial increase in their growth.

  • Healthy Profits

    By restoring your soil to full health you break the addiction to chemical fertilisers and save yourself a fortune.

Independent Scientific Testing

In addition to dramatically improving soil health, Supersoil is also used around the world to increase biogas production and to accelerate compost, slurry and any organic waste breakdown into a more valuable natural resource.

Supersoil is scientifically tested and proven to work. It is simple to use, economical, and highly effective. We'll let the numbers do the talking:

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More Beneficial Bacteria
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More Beneficial Fungi
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More Beneficial Protists

Witness the power of Supersoil

Pak Choi seeds were split into two pots. The pot on the left received a few drops of Supersoil while the pot on the right received none. No other fertiliser was applied to either sample. This photograph was taken just 30 days later.

You're just a spray away

From productive, healthy soil

  • Step 1- MIX

    Dissolve Supersoil by mixing in a bucket of cold water

  • Step 2 - POUR

    Pour mix into a sprayer full of water and agitate

  • Step 3 - SPRAY

    Spray as close to the soil as as possible

Application Rate: 1 KG/ 250 Litres/ 1 Hectare Max

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Why choose Supersoil?

How does Supersoil benefit composting?

Supersoil enhances composting by providing a balanced mix of nutrients and microorganisms that accelerate the decomposition process. When added to compost, it enriches the microbial diversity and nutrient content, leading to faster and more efficient composting.

Can Supersoil enhance the quality of compost?

Supersoil improves compost quality by enriching it with a diverse range of microorganisms and nutrients that contribute to the breakdown of organic materials and the creation of nutrient-rich humus.

Is Supersoil environmentally safe for composting?

Is Supersoil environmentally safe for composting?

Does using Supersoil align with sustainable composting practices?

Absolutely. Supersoil promotes sustainable composting by accelerating decomposition, which reduces the time required for maturation. This leads to more efficient use of resources and faster production of nutrient-rich compost for enriching soils and supporting plant growth.

100% Organic Certified

Supersoil is certified by the Irish Organic Association ( Ref: 8147 ) as a 100% organic and natural product. It is acceptable for use under EU organic systems and is also suitable for global export.

Supersoil's elite microbes are not genetically modified in any way while the growth booster is a 100% natural product that’s the equivalent of 20 tons of organic compost.

As Supersoil contains no animal by-products it is suitable for vegan farming and growing systems. Supersoil can also be used by non-organic farmers to dramatically reduce their use of chemical fertilizers.