Supersoil is a game-changer for environmentalists committed to sustainable land management. This innovative soil amendment product revitalises degraded soils, significantly reducing the need for chemical fertilisers and minimising runoff pollution.

By harnessing Supersoil's power, environmentalists can promote healthy ecosystems, enhance carbon sequestration, and contribute to the restoration of biodiverse habitats. With Supersoil, environmentalists have a potent tool at their disposal to foster soil health, mitigate erosion, and support a greener, more sustainable planet.

  • Organic Fertiliser & Soil Regeneration

    Supersoil will help you reduce or even eliminate the need for chemical fertilisers while restoring natural fertility to your soil.

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  • Biogas Production & Waste Transformation

    Supersoil will help you maximise Biogas production and speed up your composting anaerobic and aerobic digestion.

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  • Carbon Capture & Global Sustainability

    Supersoil will help you draw down huge quantities of carbon from the atmosphere which in turn cools the planet.

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How to Apply

  • Step 1- MIX

    Dissolve Supersoil by mixing in a bucket of cold water

  • Step 2 - POUR

    Pour mix into a sprayer full of water and agitate

  • Step 3 - SPRAY

    Spray as close to the soil as as possible

Application Rate: 1 KG/ 250 Litres/ 1 Hectare Max

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Supersoil Max Strength 10 KG

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Why choose Supersoil?

What environmental advantages does Supersoil offer, and how can it contribute to sustainable practices?

Supersoil promotes environmental sustainability by improving soil health, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers, and enhancing carbon sequestration. Environmentalists can benefit from Supersoil's ability to restore degraded soils and mitigate the negative impacts of agriculture on ecosystems.

Can Supersoil be used in organic and regenerative agriculture, aligning with environmentalists' goals for sustainable farming?

Yes, Supersoil is compatible with organic and regenerative farming practices. It enables environmentalists to enrich the soil naturally, reduce reliance on synthetic chemicals, and enhance soil biodiversity, promoting healthier ecosystems and less harm to the environment.

What role does Supersoil play in mitigating soil erosion and preventing nutrient runoff into waterways?

Supersoil improves soil structure and water retention, reducing soil erosion and nutrient runoff. Environmentalists can use Supersoil to create more resilient and ecologically friendly landscapes, preventing soil and nutrient loss that can harm aquatic ecosystems.

How can environmentalists utilise Supersoil in land reclamation and habitat restoration projects?

Supersoil is a valuable tool in land reclamation and habitat restoration initiatives. It aids in revitalising barren or degraded land by enriching it with organic matter and essential nutrients. This supports the reestablishment of native vegetation and ecosystems, aligning with environmentalists' goals of conserving and restoring natural habitats.