• Healthy Soil

    Supersoil restores the life and fertility to your soil. A grower’s #1 responsibility is to improve the soil for future generations.

  • Healthy Grass

    Grass grown with Supersoil contains more nutrients and trace elements, resulting in a substantial increase in their growth.

  • Healthy Profits

    By restoring your soil to full health you break the addiction to chemical fertilisers and save yourself a fortune.

Before and After Supersoil

Witness the astonishing and rapid transformation that Supersoil has brought to lawns in a matter of weeks.

How to Apply

  • Step 1- MIX

    Dissolve Supersoil by mixing in a bucket of cold water

  • Step 2 - POUR

    Pour mix into a sprayer full of water and agitate

  • Step 3 - SPRAY

    Spray as close to the soil as possible

Application Rate: 1 KG/ 250 Litres/ 1 Hectare Max

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Supersoil Max Strength 10 G

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Why choose Supersoil?

How can Supersoil improve the health of my lawn?

Supersoil is specifically formulated to enhance soil structure and nutrient content, providing a healthy foundation for your lawn. Its organic composition encourages beneficial microbial activity in the soil, promoting root growth and overall plant health. By using Supersoil, you can achieve a lush, vibrant lawn that's more resilient to stressors like drought and pests.

Will Supersoil help improve the appearance of my lawn?

Absolutely. Supersoil's nutrient-rich blend delivers essential elements that your lawn needs to thrive. Its balanced formulation encourages even growth, rich color, and improved density. Whether you're dealing with bare spots, patchy areas, or dull color, Supersoil can contribute to a more visually appealing and well-maintained lawn.

Can I use Supersoil to establish a new lawn from scratch?

Yes, Supersoil is an excellent choice for establishing a new lawn. Its composition of organic matter, minerals, and microbial life creates an optimal environment for seed germination and early root development. Prepare the area by leveling the ground, apply a layer of Supersoil, sow your chosen grass seeds, and water appropriately. The nutrients in Supersoil will help young plants get a strong start.

How does Supersoil reduce the need for frequent lawn maintenance?

Supersoil's water retention properties help to maintain consistent moisture levels in the soil, reducing the frequency of watering. Additionally, its nutrient-rich composition means your lawn receives the essential elements it needs without relying heavily on additional fertilisation. This can lead to a lawn that requires less mowing and overall maintenance, saving you time and effort.

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