Why Supersoil?

Supersoil contains an abundance of healthy soil microbes which break down the organic matter transforming and transporting the essential nutrients to the plants. This nutrient cycle improves the soil structure and fertility.

The Supersoil Difference

Works to restore a balanced soil ecosystem

Supersoil supports plant growth by first restoring the soil microbiome

Supersoil heals the soil so everything within it flourishes

Chemicals are soil-destroying

Chemical fertilizers are a soul-destroying trap for those who truly care about the land. Deep down, you know they are stripping your soil of it's natural fertility and poisioning the water. Which leaves you with a nagging guilt over the long-term health of the soil and the impact on future generations.

At Supersoil, we believe nobody should be forced to choose between soil health and financial wellbeing.

  • Healthy Soil

    Supersoil restores the life and fertility to your soil. A grower’s #1 responsibility is to improve the soil for future generations.

  • Healthy Crops

    Supersoil restores the life and fertility to your soil. A grower’s #1 responsibility is to improve the soil for future generations.

  • Healthy Profits

    By restoring your soil to full health you break the addiction to chemical fertilizers and save yourself a fortune.

  • Last winter my friend shared information about Supersoil with me, I didn’t believe it, it all sounded too good to be true, but I decided to believe it anyway. It’s already the middle of October and the grass is still growing - it’s unbelievable!

    Patrick Montgomery

    Patrick Montgomery

  • Certified 100% Organic

  • Scientifically Tested & Proven

  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Discover the Benefits of Supersoil for Governments

Supersoil has the potential to significantly bolster agricultural productivity, enabling American governments to enhance food security and promote sustainable farming practices, ultimately benefiting both their economies and the environment.

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Find out how Supersoil can benefit Environmentalists

Supersoil's innovative technology can greatly assist American environmentalists in revitalising degraded lands and promoting sustainable agriculture practices, ultimately contributing to the restoration and conservation of our planet's ecosystems.

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Discover the Benefits of Supersoil for Carbon Capture

Supersoil, with its enhanced nutrient-holding capacity and organic matter content, plays a crucial role in promoting robust plant growth, which in turn aids in capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis.

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A simple solution that solves many problems

In addition to dramatically improving soil health, Supersoil is also used around the world to increase biogas production and to accelerate compost, slurry and any organic waste breakdown into a more valuable natural resource.

Supersoil is scientifically tested and proven to work. It is simple to use, economical, and highly effective. We'll let the numbers do the talking:

0 %
More Beneficial Bacteria
0 %
More Beneficial Fungi
0 %
More Beneficial Protists
Chemical Fertilizers Supersoil
Improves Soil Health
Improves Soil Fertility
Restores Soil Ecosystem
Promotes Root Depth
No Harmful Runoff
Improved Water Retention
Decompaction of Soil
Increases Worm Populations

You're just a spray away

From productive, healthy soil

  • Step 1- MIX

    Dissolve Supersoil by mixing in a bucket of cold water

  • Step 2 - POUR

    Pour mix into a sprayer full of water and agitate

  • Step 3 - SPRAY

    Spray as close to the soil as as possible

Application Rate: 1 KG/ 250 Litres/ 1 Hectare Max

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Why choose Supersoil?

What is Supersoil, and how does it contribute to soil regeneration?

Supersoil is a specialised soil amendment designed to enhance soil health and support regeneration. It contains a balanced blend of organic matter, nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. When incorporated into depleted or damaged soils, Supersoil replenishes essential nutrients, improves soil structure and fosters a healthier microbial community. This, in turn, promotes plant growth, increases soil fertility and aids in the natural regeneration of soil.

How does Supersoil differ from traditional fertilisers for soil regeneration?

Unlike traditional fertilisers that primarily provide nutrients to plants, Supersoil takes a holistic approach to soil regeneration. While it does supply nutrients, it also focuses on improving overall soil health. Supersoil enriches the soil with organic matter, enhances microbial activity, and promotes better water retention and drainage. By addressing these fundamental aspects, it creates a more nurturing environment for plants and supports sustainable, long-term soil regeneration.

Can Supersoil be used in various types of soils for regeneration purposes?

Yes, Supersoil is versatile and can be used in a wide range of soil types, including sandy soils, clayey soils, loamy soils, and even degraded or contaminated soils. Its composition is designed to address common soil deficiencies and challenges found in different environments. Whether you're working with a home garden, agricultural land, or ecological restoration projects, Supersoil can help improve soil conditions and promote regeneration.

What are the environmental benefits of using Supersoil for soil regeneration?

Using Supersoil for soil regeneration offers several environmental benefits. By enhancing soil health and fertility, it reduces the need for synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, which can have harmful impacts on ecosystems and water quality. Additionally, improved soil structure helps prevent erosion, sediment runoff, and soil degradation. Supersoil supports more sustainable and regenerative farming and gardening practices, contributing to overall environmental conservation efforts.

Ending Chemical Corruption

100% Organic Certified

Supersoil is certified by the Irish Organic Association ( Ref: 8147 ) as a 100% organic and natural product. It is acceptable for use under EU organic systems and is also suitable for global export.

Supersoil's elite microbes are not genetically modified in any way while the growth booster is a 100% natural product that’s the equivalent of 20 tons of organic compost.

As Supersoil contains no animal by-products it is suitable for vegan farming and growing systems. Supersoil can also be used by non-organic farmers to dramatically reduce their use of chemical fertilizers.