Testing of Supersoil - Elevating Your Soil with Proven Excellence

Soil Life Explosion

Just 1kg of Supersoil delivers the equivalent of 20 tonnes of organic matter to your soil thanks to our unique quantum compression manufacturing technology. This dense nutrient source acts as a microbe superfuel which kickstarts an explosion of soil life.

Trillions of Microbes 

Supersoil is packed with trillions of natural microbes who draw down huge quantities of nitrogen from the atmosphere to feed your plants. The microbes also draw down tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere which cools the plant & restores the lifeforce to your soil.

Healthy Thriving Soil 

Supersoil creates a soil that is thriving with life. The plants feast on nitrogen from the microbes who are in turn rewarded with carbonsugar from the plants creating a win win relationship. The microbes use this sugar to create rich dark soil known as humus.

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