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Healthy Benefits

  • Healthy Soil

    Supersoil restores the life and fertility to your soil. A grower’s #1 responsibility is to improve the soil for future generations.

  • Healthy Crops

    Plants grown with Supersoil contain more nutrients and trace elements. They also taste like real food, not cardboard.

  • Healthy Profits

    By restoring your soil to full health you break the addiction to chemical junk food fertilisers and save yourself a fortune.

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How to Apply

  • Step 1- MIX

    Dissolve Supersoil by mixing in a bucket of cold water

  • Step 2 - POUR

    Pour mix into a sprayer full of water and agitate

  • Step 3 - SPRAY

    Spray as close to the soil as as possible

Application Rate: 1 KG/ 250 Litres/ 1 Hectare Max